Where in Africa are you?

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Where in Africa are you?

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:18 pm

Shalom and welcome to this forum...! I am a 27 year old British-Kenyan who has recently returned to Kenya permanently. I came into truth about the world, the evil we are facing and that it is necessary to live according to Yahuah's instructions. I'm new to this though, there is so much I don't know or understand and I've been looking for a community of people like myself, who are in a sense a part of the diaspora and in the process of learning and changing their lives. It doesn't happen over night but I love and live for TMH so I fight everyday to change my life and stop sinning.

Further to this, I knew that life in the UK would not allow me live a sustainable life outside of the system which I believe is very possible for so many of us in Africa. We can take the information and tools we may have learned from life in the western world and start to learn traditional ways of living including farming/agriculture, textile making, natural health etc. and how this pertains to Yahuah's laws, statutes and commandments.

Here we can have discussions our lives in Africa, how we plan to follow a life pleasing to YaH outside of the system- despite being educated and the challenges of this, but most importantly helping each other study and follow Yah's word and and preparing for what is to come in this crazy world. Tell us little bit about yourself, where you are based and your plans for life in Africa as a young Hebrew Israelite!


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